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if it weren't for i'move it would have been a wheelchair life…
Mike and Peggy from Spring Lake maintain a better quality of life as they age with the help of i'move's physical therapy treatments.
it's helped my overall quality of life. on and off the court…
Autumn relied on i'move to manage the pain and difficulties of a hip injury, and to make sure she would still be able to maintain an active lifestyle.
we're hoping to get back into tennis. we come here every day.
With i'move's physical therapy treatments, Tom and Annie have been able to get back to the active life they love after back and knee problems.
i knew going in i was going to be in good hands…
After multiple back injuries and surgeries, i'move helped Bill remain active with his family and his career as a firefighter.
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We'll help you be your best.

Whatever your “best” is, we have a range of services to help get you there. Our highly-trained staff are here to treat the whole you with personalized one-on-one therapy sessions supported by a customized treatment plan and exercise programs in a collaborative, supportive atmosphere.

we’re not the next big thing. we’re the right thing.

Our approach to health and fitness is not based on trends. This isn’t a gym or a boot camp. Our staff of specialists is highly trained to provide medically informed, evidence-based treatment that is backed by thorough research and years of expertise and is tailored to each client’s unique needs and wants. If you’re hurting, we’ll find out why.

what to expect
  • Personalized pain assessment and training program
  • One-on-one recovery with your personal physical therapist
  • Heal quicker from current injuries
  • Full recovery without surgery or medication