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Are Bad Biomechanics Causing You Pain?

Throughout your physical therapy, your physical therapist will be discussing biomechanics with you.

Biomechanics is the official term for how the body moves. The way you move, and all the muscles and joints involved with each movement, play a part in your personal biomechanics. The problem is, sometimes bad habits can throw your biomechanics off balance and cause issues or injuries down the line. When your physical therapist brings up this topic, learn how you can play an active part in the discussion, and what you can do to help yourself break bad habits and form good ones.

How Do Biomechanics Cause Pain?
Years of repetitive movement and poor posture lead to bad biomechanics, which can trigger joint or muscle pain over time. A single misalignment can cause a chain reaction of issues that may result in a nagging shoulder injury. Fixing your shoulder means uncovering and treating the entire chain reaction. Recognizing any issues with your biomechanics and working to correct them creates a more stable road to recovery.

Evaluating Your Biomechanics
Every part of you, from the crown of your head to your toes, plays a part in your posture. To look at the pain in your wrist, you’ll need to examine the whole arm. For larger issues, like your gait, the whole body must be examined. When thinking of biomechanics, think of the big picture.

Correcting Your Biomechanics
The only true way to evaluate your biomechanics is to receive an evaluation from a licensed physical therapist. When doing this, the physical therapist needs to look at your entire body, not just the area that’s in pain. This means that for issues in the ankle, you’ll need an evaluation from head to toe, and not just from the waist down. Even the way you tilt your head while running could cause an issue in your leg. To get true solutions to your pain, you’ll need true experts on your side. 

i’move can help you build healthy biomechanics for a better body from head to toe. To learn more about biomechanics, schedule an appointment to talk to one of our experts today.

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