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Ankle Sprains, Part 1

Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries in American high school athletes, occurring over 300,000 times per year. Ankle injuries rates are highest in sports that combine jumping near others and rapid direction changes while running. The winter sports of basketball and wrestling certainly place strong and dynamic stress on the ankles, making this a good time to consider how to handle ankle sprains if they occur to you or someone on your team. 

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Okay, so what is an pain assessment anyway?

So something has been hurting lately – your back, neck, knees or what have you. You haven’t been able to exercise, shovel the snow or just simply get through your day without pain that limits you. Even if the pain…

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i’move, MSA Form Unique Partnership in Grand Rapids

i'move Partners with MSA in Grand Rapids As many of you may already know i'move and Michigan Sports Academies (MSA) have formed a new partnership to serve Grand Rapids area athletes at the MSA Fieldhouse. MSA is the area’s premiere team sports…

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Communicate, Celebrate and Connect with i’move

Here at i'move, we focus on three things for our interactions with each other within the business and with our communities outside the business: Communicate, Celebrate, and Connect. As we have grown over the last 11 years, our communication strategies…

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