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Why 10,000 Steps?

Have you ever heard that you should be walking 10,000 steps a day? Have you ever asked why? The reality is that many of us set an arbitrary goal of walking 10,000 steps a day without fully understanding the purpose…

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Healthy Snacking for Kids in Sports

In the United States, over 45 million youth play sports, be it recreational or competitive. Sports are an amazing tool used to teach children the benefits of prioritizing health. However, many parents struggle to know how to fuel their kids…

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Introducing the Women’s Health Program

The women who make up the Women’s Health team at i’move are passionate about helping women recognize the strength they possess. The specific needs required to address the uniqueness of the female body can require a different set of skills,…

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Women's Physical Therapy At I'move

How Therapy Can Improve Pelvic Floor Health

By Brooke Meinema PT, DPT, FAFS The pelvic floor or pelvic diaphragm is composed of muscles and connective tissue at the bottom of our pelvis. It acts as a sling to support organs in your pelvis, including the bladder, rectum,…

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The Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

i’move is beyond fortunate to have access to not one, but two pools! They are available in our Spring Lake and Grand Haven high school locations for our aquatic therapy program. For ten years, we’ve helped patients who struggle to…

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Programs that Make Us Unique

In addition to our one-on-one physical therapy, there are many ways to maintain your health in conjunction with or after treatment. i’move programs like our adult fitness FIT program or Worksite Program allow people of all ages to continue improving…

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How to Detect a Bad Diet

Each year, roughly 45% of Americans vow to get in shape at the start of the new year. Many of us want to eat “healthier,” but what does that look like? In a nutshell, a healthier lifestyle means permanently changing…

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How Much Exercise Do You Need?

Current exercise requirements can be pretty overwhelming. Modern research believes adults should exercise 150-300 minutes a week OR complete vigorous exercise for 75-100 minutes a week - and that’s just aerobic training. Two days of strength training is recommended for…

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How Sunlight Affects Our Health

In these dark winter months, a lack of sunlight presents some challenges to our mood and routine. Few people are a fan of sunsets at 5 pm, but the effects of low sunlight are deeper than that. Read on to…

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Cold Weather and Pain

How does cold weather impact chronic pain? Lower temperatures can contribute to reduced blood flow and inflammation in the wintertime. That doesn’t mean you should have to live in pain. Fight back against the cold with these tips to combat…

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