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What It Means to Work at i’move

It is our hope that every person who walks into i’move can make a positive connection with our team from the moment they step through the door. That’s why from the very beginning, we chose staff members who can connect…

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Quiz: Which FIT Class is Right for You?

When you start a new workout, you’ll want to customize your fitness routine. i’move offers four separate programs for all skillsets multiple times a day so you can truly find something that works with your needs and schedule. Take our…

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I'move FIT Class

Why Join a FIT Class Now?

That weekly outdoor jog is looking less and less appealing now that it's getting colder. With winter coming we need safe and effective fitness programs to stay strong through 2020 and beyond. You can stay active, fit, and healthy despite…

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Physical Therapy vs. Pain Medication

As a unique patient, you deserve a treatment plan customized to your needs. Both pain medication and physical therapy have a place in the medical community. Depending on the symptoms, frequency, and severity of your pain, learn about prescription/over the…

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Physical Therapy and Medicinal Safety

As our trusted patients know, we prefer using research-based physical therapy to combat joint pain in lieu of medication. For those on pain medication seeking alternative treatments instead of additional cortisone shots or increased dosage, we are here to help…

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15 Lessons from 15 Years of Business

2020 marks the 15th year we’ve been in business. It has been an eventful journey, to say the least. Yet at the end of the day we are so thankful to come into work each morning and love what we…

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I'move Injury Screen

Talking About Pain with a Physical Therapist

There are many reasons why people are hesitant to get help when they are experiencing pain. Although chronic pain is one of the most common reasons to seek out physical therapy, many of us lack the confidence to discuss it…

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Importance & Benefits of Good Posture

We all know we should be doing more to maintain good posture. The benefits (or consequences when neglected) can be noticed almost instantly. In the age of working from home, some may feel more inclined to answer emails while lounging…

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Self Care Isn't Selfish

4 Little Things with a Big Impact on Health

We cannot measure health on a single spectrum or sliding scale. To get a better understanding of a patient’s health, we have to piece it together like a puzzle. A patient may put effort into personal nutrition, but struggle to…

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