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Hip Flexor Strain

A hip flexor strain refers to an injury affecting one or more of the muscles located in the front of the hip.  Symptoms typically include sharp pain in the front of the hip or the groin area. 

typical causes:

Hip flexor strains are commonly triggered by a variety of factors. They are prevalent among athletes who engage in sports that demand repetitive and forceful movements, such as soccer or martial arts, which place significant stress on the hip flexor muscles. Inadequate preparation before physical activity, such as skipping warm-up sessions or not stretching properly, can also predispose individuals to this injury. Sedentary lifestyles or occupations that involve prolonged sitting can lead to tightness in the hip flexors, increasing the susceptibility to strain upon sudden movement. Lastly, previous injuries in the hip region or lower back can potentially compromise muscle function and alignment, thereby increasing the likelihood of hip flexor strain.

how physical therapy can help:

Physical therapy is an effective intervention for hip flexor strains, aiming to restore strength, flexibility, and proper function. Therapists tailor exercises to individual needs, gradually increasing intensity to rebuild muscle without re-injury. In addition, physical therapists can provide advice on proper warm-up techniques, further preventing injury recurrence. Through guided, systematic rehabilitation, physical therapy can expedite the healing process and ensure a safe return to activity.

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exercises that may help reduce pain:

If you experience more pain with these exercises, hold off from that particular movement.

Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch – Positioned with one knee on the ground and the other foot in front, gently push your hips forward until a mild stretch is felt, maintaining for two pain-free minutes. Repeating this 1-3 times daily can aid recovery.

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The Plank – Starting in a static position, hold for 15-45 seconds. Gradually, the exercise can be advanced by adding pelvic lowering, moving the pelvis toward the ground and raising it back up. Perform 10-15 repetitions, grouped into 2-3 sets. This strategy helps reinforce core stability and strength, further supporting recovery.

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