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Torticollis is a condition where your baby’s head turns and tilts to one side, often with the top of the head tilted one way and the chin tilted in the other direction. Occasionally infants will develop a flat spot on the side that their head is often turned toward.

typical causes:

Torticollis is caused by the shortening of the sternocleidomastoid (SCMs) which connect your skull to your sternum and clavicle. The typical causes of torticollis can be broadly categorized into congenital and acquired factors. Congenital Torticollis may happen at birth or in utero. Acquired Torticollis happens later on in infancy, and can be attributed to a variety of reasons. Some reasons can be positional placement of child’s head when nursing, carrying, and sleeping, infection, or inflammation although the last two are less common. 

how physical therapy can help:

Physical therapy plays a crucial role in managing torticollis by increasing range of motion and promoting normal posture and function. Therapists employ a combination of strategies tailored to individual needs. Manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue mobilization and neck stretching can alleviate muscle tension and increase your baby’s neck range of motion.

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tips that may help:

  • Have your baby spend more time in tummy time to strengthen their neck muscles
  • Make sure that you are switching sides when feeding/nursing
  • Draw their attention to the side they prefer not to look to

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