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FIT Updates: The Latest on Our Adult Fitness Program

We all want things to go back to normal, but it’s good to be back. With our doors open again, we want to do our best to get you back into your workout routine while staying safe. Our modified Adult Fitness Classes are designed to follow the latest COVID-19 executive orders while allowing members to work out in person!

Instead of our five indoor FIT classes, we are now offering two outdoor classes: High Intensity and Low Intensity. Each session is 45 minutes. High Intensity classes are best described as a combination of our Shred, Lift, and Excel classes for those looking for a challenge. Low Intensity classes combine our Move and Renew program for folks who prefer a gentle workout.

Both of these classes are weather-dependent. Check your email or stay in touch with the i’move FIT page on Facebook for any cancellations or updates.

Preparing for the Outdoors
Water bottles and sunscreen are recommended for outdoor classes. Fortunately, our workout area will have shade until roughly 2 pm, so we are grateful not to work out in direct heat.

Our Fitness Classes Schedule
Our new schedule can be viewed here and on the FIT Facebook page. For the time being, our classes are as follows:

High Intensity: 6 am Monday-Friday, 9 am Monday-Saturday, noon Monday-Thursday, 6 pm Monday & Wednesday, and 6:30 pm Tuesday & Thursday

Low Intensity: 10:30 am Monday-Friday 

Safety Precautions
Hosting classes outdoors is just one precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In addition, we will be social distancing while working out and members will not be sharing equipment. Equipment will also be sanitized between each class. Masks are not required outdoors, but they will be needed inside to use the bathrooms. Our drinking fountains are also closed for the time being, so remember to bring water!

For the foreseeable future, this schedule will allow members to work out together and stay safe. Due to these unexpected changes, our Adult Fitness Program is now only $50 a month! To enjoy half off of i’move fitness, contact Derek at!

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