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Fitting Fitness in Over the Holidays

We all know that the holidays are a whirlwind of parties, traveling and out of town guests. This can often lead to a slip in your healthy habits surrounding diet and exercise. After all, in between the hustle and bustle of the holidays how can one possibly find time to prioritize their health and fitness? Below, find some tips on how to get your workout in despite the season!

1. Make it a family affair: With the kids off school and/or out of town relatives staying in your home, you may feel guilty leaving them to get your workout in. So why leave them? Take them with you to the gym or switch up your routine to do something more inclusive for the whole group (i.e. walk some trails, go snowshoeing, rent cross-country skis or go sledding/ice skating). Finally, Join us this Thanksgiving, November 28th at 9 AM for our 5th Annual Thanksgiving workout. Fun for the whole family! Contact Derek at for more information or to sign up!

2. Get in, Get out: Shorten up your workout and burn the same number of calories by cranking up the intensity (i.e. move faster, lift heavier for fewer reps, or try interval training).

3. Schedule Shuffle: If you are really determined to get your routine workout in, try to fit it into a different time slot. Maybe that means waking up an hour early or in the evening once the kids are in bed. Although it may not be ideal, remember it will be short-lived and you can resume your normal schedule when things settle down.

4. Implement a Rest Period: All of us can use a recovery period from the training we put our bodies through. The holiday season can be a great natural break for your body to recover. Instead of driving an intense workout, you could implement a stretch and recovery routine instead. I find this works great before bed to help you wind down and proves to be a great stress management tool, which is also very valuable around the holidays.

5. Focus on Nutrition: If all else fails for getting to the grind during the holidays, maintain your progress by being intentional about what and how much you put into your body. You can also check out our blog for nutrition tips to keep you on track during the holidays.

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