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How Physical Therapy Empowers You

Physical therapy is fantastic for your health. It helps you heal faster, reduces pain and improves your overall well-being. After referral from a doctor, you’ll want to know the details of the process before deciding to sign up. PT can be a great alternative to surgical procedures or a life of chronic pain. Here’s how physical therapy makes you a better you.

Injuries and age can tighten or tear different muscle groups. This can impact your range of motion and make day-to-day activities that much more difficult. Working these areas on your own without experience can lead to further strain and damage to your body. A physical therapist can design specific exercises dedicated to locating those troubled areas, and strengthening them at a level that works for you. Starting small, the two of you can work together to build your body back up to a healthy level.

Stretching is a great way to loosen tight muscles. But when you’re struggling with an injury, it can be difficult to know what kind of stretching is best, and how much is too much. Physical therapy can find unique stretches best suited to your needs without overexerting yourself.

Next-Level Treatment
Sometimes, the pain in your knee has nothing to do with your knee and everything to do with your foot or your hips. Our experts understand the body like links in a chain and work with you to treat the cause of your issue, not just the symptoms. Depending on your condition, there are times where simple exercises and training aren’t enough. Receiving professional i’move treatment gives you access to an array of advanced options. Talk to your physical therapist to discover what works best for you.

Healing doesn’t stop after recovery. Physical therapists are here to not only treat an injury or ache, but prevent it from happening again. Professional assessment and treatment can get you ready for a lifetime of healthy living through take-home exercises and tips that can keep you at peak health for many years to come.

Physical therapy is the first step towards a lifetime of fitness. i’move unlocks your full potential for better health, healing, and everything in between. Schedule an appointment or read about more benefits of PT at i’move.

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