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How Physical Therapy Helps with a Full Recovery

An athlete’s worst nightmare is hearing they might “never be the same” after a sports injury or accident. For surgery candidates, there’s a sense of uneasiness when a doctor says they might not be able to walk or run comfortably after their procedure. Sometimes, hearing these phrases can frighten patients and athletes and keep them from getting the treatment they need. 

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The sooner you decide to see a physical therapist, the more likely you are to make a full recovery. Learn how PT can help you to bounce back, and conquer joint and muscle pain for good.

Early Treatment
The days just after a surgery or injury are the most important. Those crucial moments are when the body learns to rework itself. Physical therapy doesn’t only help you heal, it teaches your body how to heal in order to restore correct movement and proper form to your body.

Faster Healing
Physical therapy helps you heal faster to take full advantage of your recommended recovery time. Working with a therapist gives you the time to not only get past your injury, but to work beyond it to reach fitness goals you never knew you had. Don’t settle for “get better.” Move forward and get more.

Trusted Medical Advice
It’s only natural that after some time, friends and family expect you to get back into the game in terms of your normal activities and daily routine. There can be a lot of pressure to heal quickly, which may cause some patients to take on too much too soon. A licensed therapist helps you evaluate when you’re ready to lose that crutch, cane, brace, etc. Having an expert opinion ensures you’re healing at the right rate. 

Lifetime Prevention
Uncovering and treating the old habits and activities that may have been damaging your joints and muscles is crucial to creating a lifetime of healthy living. A professional examination gives you the knowledge and exercises to prevent what could become chronic pain later down the line. Give yourself a head-start on preventing pain.

A full recovery is not a far-fetched idea. Today is the day to take back your mobility. Don’t wait to start your journey. Schedule an appointment or read about more benefits of physical therapy at i’move.

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