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i’move at true. Women’s Health

When sustained with a shared vision, good communication, and enthusiasm for the work being done, interprofessional collaboration can lead to measurable improvements in delivery of women’s health care.

Women deserve excellent healthcare. A fusion of i’move and true. Women’s Health is just that: excellent healthcare.

true. Women’s Health provides complete healthcare for women in every stage of life. They are experts in midlife, menopause, and sexual health. At true., you can expect:

  • Longer more engaging appointments – we want to know you
  • Better provider access and responsiveness
  • Support by a team of professionals aligned with your needs
  • Unique health score and assessment using true.’s proprietary ground-breaking science
  • To map a highly-personalized wellness plan–built with you and for you
  • 24/7 access to ground-breaking tools, the true. app, other education and resources
  • To chat and text with your true. team
  • To schedule telehealth visits on your schedule
  • A partner for life in your wellness journey*

They provide personalized healthcare where “addressing every aspect of your health and wellness is essential!”  At true., they aim to treat the whole person and seek to provide comprehensive care.

This well-rounded, individualized approach offered at true. Women’s Health aligns with what we strive for at i’move as well. We understand that a quality relationship with your healthcare team is vital, which is why we joined efforts to provide excellent healthcare for the women in our community. Research has shown having an interprofessional collaborative approach to addressing women’s health and well-being leads to better outcomes and care**, which is exactly what we aim to provide for all of our patients. Having strong communication between all of the providers on your healthcare team allows us to get you the care you need with providers we know and trust.

i’move believes in women, listens to women, and provides evidence-based physical therapy for women. You are unique and deserve to be treated as an individual and provided with comprehensive care. Kara is part of the i’move women’s health physical therapy team She treats patients and i’move Rockford clinic and at True Women’s Health in Grand Rapids. Kara provides care to women of all ages with issues of pelvic, back, and SI joint pain; urinary leakage/urgency; bowel dysfunction; and pregnancy and postpartum-related changes. She is passionate about educating and equipping clients to fully understand their unique situations to promote healing and restoration. Her goal is to help you get to the root of your symptoms and provide pain relief and wellness solutions. The open communication between Kara with your providers at true. Women’s Health helps her provide excellent care with you at the center of the treatment.

We all need to find our people who can lift us up and join us in celebrations of overcoming. Together we can make a lasting change.

For a free 10-minute consultation, visit us at and fill out the form to contact a Women’s Health Physical Therapist and schedule your consultation.

i’move at true. Women’s Health is located at 2144 East Paris Ave SE Ste 230, Grand Rapids, MI 49546.



*further information, like this, can be found at true. Women’s Health.

**Rayburn, William F., and Caroline Jenkins. “Interprofessional Collaboration in Women’s Health Care: Collective Competencies, Interactive Learning, and Measurable Improvement.” Obstet Gynecol Clin North Am ., vol. 48, no. 1, Mar. 2021, pp. 1-10.

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