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Importance & Benefits of Good Posture

We all know we should be doing more to maintain good posture. The benefits (or consequences when neglected) can be noticed almost instantly. In the age of working from home, some may feel more inclined to answer emails while lounging on the couch vs. at our home office. However, the long-term effects of slouching or poor posture can lead to chronic back and neck pain, along with other impairments. So take a moment to sit up, relax those shoulders, and dive into the importance of good posture.

Released Muscle Tension
Although it may feel unnatural to sit up straight for long periods of time, it is actually harder on muscles to slouch than to maintain good posture. Poor posture shifts weight and tension onto unnatural parts of the body, increasing wear and tear and susceptibility to injury over time.

Tip: It’s ok to relax every once in a while. A quick stretch for 10-15 seconds every thirty minutes or so prevents your posture muscles from overworking.

 Reduced Chronic Pain
Many blame their back pain on their posture, but did you know headaches, jaw pain and even digestion are related to the way you stand and sit? Your back is a crucial foundation of the body and directly affects the biomechanics of your limbs and vital organs. Tension in the back creates tension in the neck, which can lead to tension headaches. Taking care of your spine has the potential to reduce migraines and other neck and head pain.

Tip: Keep that chin up! To reduce neck pain try and lift your workscreens and/or phones up high to avoid looking down for prolonged periods of time.

Proper Circulation & Energy
Try taking a deep breath. Notice how it’s easier to breathe when sitting up straight? By opening the airways, your lungs do a better job bringing in oxygen. This also improves blood flow and the oxygenation of muscles. When your body is properly aligned, your muscles can focus less on supporting your spine and more toward your day-to-day activities. Don’t make your body work harder than it has to!

Tip: For a quick mood booster during the day, try sitting up, closing your eyes, and taking 5 to ten deep breaths.

Spine Health & Better Posture 101
Better posture is not a one-step process. It is obtained through the little actions we take on a daily basis.

If you want to achieve a healthier spine – should you see a Chiropractor? We actually released a podcast on a similar subject. Physical therapy is a scientifically-backed method to improve your posture and combat long-term pain. To schedule an appointment with an i’move therapist, visit our website. You can also learn more about the spine from our recent low back pain webinar.

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