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Unlock your full potential. The most important benefit of physical therapy is that it gets people moving again. Often, after physical therapy, patients are able to resume rewarding physical aspects of their life. One key to success relies on the method physical therapists use to treat their patients. Our understanding of human movement and individualized, one-on-one, whole-body care is enhanced by these innovative tools.

functional dry needling

To get to the root of pain and mobility issues, dry needling is used to reach trigger points around the body. When these knotted-up trigger points are released, they can help alleviate pain as part of a larger treatment plan.

Want to know more? Learn about the science behind your healing during an appointment or pain assessment with one of our experienced therapists.

Martin Sytsema OMPT, FAAOMPT, CIMT
Niko Pagkanlungan DPT, FDNS, Certified TPI

Chris Burdis PT, DPT, CSCS
Ford Reinink PT, DPT, FAAOMPT

Martin Sytsema, FAAOMPT, CIMT
Niko Pagkanlungan PT, DPT, FDNS, Certified TPI

Colin Remtema PT, DPT
Mike Klobucher PT, DPT, OCS, CMPT, FAFS, CSCS

Get to the root of pain
A patient and Physical Therapist performing an exercise for Scoliosis
schroth scoliosis treatment

Our spine naturally has curves. Scoliosis is a common, dysfunctional 3-dimensional curvature of the spine. These curves tend to change the most during adolescence, but they can continue to slowly progress throughout the lifespan, resulting in increased spinal curves and symptoms. The primary goal of physical therapy is to aid in slowing spinal curve progression. This is achieved by educating patients on how to modify daily activity to reduce stress on the spine, through manual therapy for improved spinal mobility, and through exercise to maintain corrections.

A very useful approach to scoliosis management is through Schroth exercises that address the patient’s unique curvature in 3 dimensions. Additional types of exercise include dynamic neuromuscular stabilization and strengthening of specific deficits. Although back pain is not typical for juveniles and adolescents, it becomes more prevalent in adulthood. Other common scoliosis-related issues that physical therapy can address include cervicogenic dizziness and headaches, shoulder impingement, back and foot pain.

Management of scoliosis and its associated conditions and symptoms can be a lifelong process. The Schroth approach has proven to be a very useful strategy to control symptoms and slow spinal changes at all ages.

Our very own Jamie Morris is certified in Scoliosis Management and Exercise (ISST) through International Schroth 3D Scoliosis Therapy.

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mcKenzie method

The McKenzie Method is a specific classification and treatment strategy technique for spinal and extremity pain. A McKenzie practitioner will evaluate and treat your pain utilizing the Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) method. This method includes repeated end range movement testing, together with postural loading to assess and determine the cause of your pain. The therapist will utilize the assessment to create a therapy plan and provide specific exercises to reach your goals. Having a Certified MDT practitioner on staff has increased the tools and resources we utilize to help you be your best and get back to moving the way you want.

Listen to the McKenzie Method podcasts

We have a McKenzie Certified therapist ready to assist you in your journey to recovery. Meet Eric Bastian!

Niko Of I'move Shows A Patient An Exercise To Help Reduce Pain Associated With Gold Stance.
golf performance

Every golfer – and their swing – is unique. There may be times when your unique swing causes you pain or discomfort. We have a solution for that! Physical Therapist Niko Pagkanlungan is an avid golfer who is passionate about the sport. He is certified through the Titleist Performance Institute, or TPI.

The TPI mission is to educate golfers and industry professionals on the Body-Swing Connection™, which identifies the body’s physical limitations and how those directly correlate to the individual’s swing. At i’move, patients will be taken through a series of functional tests and movements that correlate to the demands of a golf swing. This physical assessment will give insight into strength, flexibility, and mobility to help provide recommendations on exercises to help you hit the ball further, play longer, and play with less pain.

Request an Appointment with Niko Watch Niko’s Top Golf Tips
LSVT BIG, Parkinsons Treatment, Innovative Solutions
lsvt big

LSVT BIG is an effective one on one treatment created to help people with Parkinson’s disease. This treatment is customized to each person’s specific goals and needs and addresses walking, balance, and activities of daily living through repetition and a series of exercises. Patients will be instructed in BIG amplitude and high-effort exercises that will help reduce symptoms of Parkinson’s.

LSVT BIG program consists of meeting with a physical therapist 4 times weekly for one month.

Currently, we are not offering the LSVT LOUD program.

blood flow restriction (BFR)

Traditional strength training can overload newly injured joints or connective tissues. Our Blood Flow Restriction Machine or BFR, restricts blood flow to an area of the body, which in turn builds up the lactic acid produced during exercise, the key component in muscle building.

With BFR, patients can successfully build muscle mass quickly while performing very simple activities. It allows for the benefits of exercise with reduced risks.

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alterG anti-gravity treadmill

Exclusive to the Spring Lake Cove Street location, the AlterG is an anti-gravity treadmill that utilizes NASA Differential Air Pressure technology. The AlterG uses “unweighting” to decrease the percentage of body weight that has to be supported.

This enables the body to move from low to high function. Patients of any age or fitness level can unweight themselves to exercise with decreased impact and to move better and farther than before.

Defy Gravity
i'm thriving

No matter the sport or lifestyle, you want to feel your best so you can be your best. With our i’m thriving program, you can see a physical therapist to help prevent injury and promote fitness all without a doctor’s referral. Based on your goals the physical therapist will create an individualized plan and use future appointments to make adjustments as needed.

During your i’m Thriving appointments a physical therapist will evaluate and assess your needs focusing on:

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Posture
  • Cardiorespiratory Health
  • Identify small factors before they become bigger issues

Our physical therapists are movement specialists, and many are adult athletes themselves; runners, golfers, yogis, and more, who understand how even a small change can impact overall movement. Adding physical therapy to your wellness routine is a simple way to keep your body healthy and allow you to continue doing the activities you love.

This program is for:

  • Individuals looking to stay in optimal condition
  • Those aiming to improve performance
  • Young adults who want to develop long-standing healthy habits
  • Life-long athletes who want to maintain their fitness level
  • Mature adults who want to continue moving their best
  • Anyone who wants to remove barriers to exercise

“Precision Nutrition coaching is a fantastic program that has comprehensively helped me to attain change mentally and physically. The fact that the program produces results through small changes in psychology, nutrition and fitness over the long term makes for a program that produces meaningful and lasting results.”

Current Participant

I’ve had therapy in the past but nothing compared to the personal and professional attention I received at i’move. I would recommend i’move to anyone who needs physical therapy.

Google Review
Rating: 5

After months of knee issues, I was referred to i’move. It was the best decision ever and the best referral! I was greeted with a smile at every visit by front desk staff, the staff scheduling appointments were very helpful to find consecutive days/times that would work for me and therapist was AMAZING, patient and knowledgeable on how to fix the issue with my knee.

Google Review
Rating: 5
Great for physical therapy and exercise! Friendly and encouraging staff!
Google Review
Rating: 5

I’ve had therapy in the past but nothing compared to the personal and professional attention I received at i’move. I would recommend i’move to anyone who needs physical therapy.

Google Review
Rating: 5
I would rate i’move physical therapy above five stars! I am extremely happy with the professional and skilled care and the very friendly staff and therapists.
Google Review
Rating: 5

The staff is extremely knowledgeable, super friendly and very professional.

Google Review
Rating: 5
Awsome staff. They are very good at helping you recover. They have great equipment also.
Google Review
Rating: 5
Excellent care. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. With their guidance, I soon was back to feeling good.
Google Review
Rating: 5
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