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functional dry needling

Functional dry needling is a therapeutic technique used to alleviate muscle pain and dysfunction. Fine needles are inserted into specific trigger points or tight bands within muscles, stimulating a local twitch response and promoting muscle relaxation. This approach targets muscular tightness, reducing pain, improving range of motion, and enhancing overall function without the use of medication.

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More about functional dry needling

To get to the root of pain and mobility issues, dry needling is used to reach trigger points around the body. When these knotted-up trigger points are released, they can help alleviate pain as part of a larger treatment plan.

Want to know more? Learn about the science behind your healing during an appointment or pain assessment with one of our experienced therapists.

Get to the root of pain
i'move locations offering functional dry needling

Brooke is amazing! I was very nervous starting and Brooke has made me so comfortable and is just wonderful.

Stefanie C.
Rating: 5

Colin is awesome, very much appreciate his approach and kindness!

Daniel S.
Rating: 5

Gina clearly explains how to do the exercises she wants me to do and why they will strengthen my knee. I look forward to continuing my therapy appointments and would highly recommend i’move.

Joni D.
Rating: 5

Niko is fantastic!

Joseph S.

I had a wonderful experience with Dave and Jessica after rotator cuff and bicep tendon repair. They were knowledgeable, kind, helpful, reassuring and made my harder than I thought experience quite manageable. I have to say I will miss them! So thankful for i’move and what they have done for me!

Jamie M.
Rating: 5

They do an awesome job of evaluating and putting a plan together for a positive recovery.

Randall P.
Rating: 5

Every employee is 100% invested in their patients!!

Steve M.
Rating: 5
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