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true. Women's Health in Grand Rapids, MI

true. Women’s Health is located just off of Paris Ave SE and Burton St SE.

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true. Women’s Health Hours

Monday  8:30AM – 1:00PM
Thursday  9:00AM – 5:00PM

Our Physical Therapists at true. Women’s Health

Rachael Webb, PT, DPT, LSVT

Get the care you need at our true. Women’s Health in Grand Rapids, MI location. We are committed to serving the women in our community through providing excellent, patient-centered women’s health physical therapy. Our women’s health physical therapists use their knowledge of multiple body systems to address the issues unique to women.

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Brooke is amazing! I was very nervous starting and Brooke has made me so comfortable and is just wonderful.

Stefanie C.
Rating: 5

Colin is awesome, very much appreciate his approach and kindness!

Daniel S.
Rating: 5

Gina clearly explains how to do the exercises she wants me to do and why they will strengthen my knee. I look forward to continuing my therapy appointments and would highly recommend i’move.

Joni D.
Rating: 5

Niko is fantastic!

Joseph S.

I had a wonderful experience with Dave and Jessica after rotator cuff and bicep tendon repair. They were knowledgeable, kind, helpful, reassuring and made my harder than I thought experience quite manageable. I have to say I will miss them! So thankful for i’move and what they have done for me!

Jamie M.
Rating: 5

They do an awesome job of evaluating and putting a plan together for a positive recovery.

Randall P.
Rating: 5

Every employee is 100% invested in their patients!!

Steve M.
Rating: 5
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we're i'move

Maybe you’re looking to train for a marathon, or maybe you just want to walk up the stairs. We want to help you move wherever you are. i’move doesn’t buy into fitness trends, but sticks with the medically-informed approach that physicians find to reduce pain and improve mobility time and time again. Our full-body analytics treat the whole source of your pain, not just the symptoms. Then, we build a custom routine with the same therapist to help you through your entire healing journey.

Learn our tried and true approach with our tried and true i’move team. Get to know us, then let us get to know you.

our values

i’m​ove​ holds the promise to always i’mpr​ove​. We strive to share our innovative skills and proven knowledge with the community. Whether it’s patients improving their bodies or employees furthering their education, we uphold our commitment to what it means to move. Read about how i’move serves the community through our i’m serving program.


Strong personal relationships connect clients, colleagues, and community. In wellness, one size does not fit all. Good service comes down to the right relationship from people who get to know your backbone as well as your birthday. Positive personal relationships are the root of our business.


We take patients’ problems seriously, but always inject some fun and a dash of the unexpected into our environment. We believe we are better when we are happy. Our family cares for and supports one another while having fun, because it’s hard to make progress with people you can’t laugh with. Job satisfaction makes for a job well done.


Integral to our philosophy of serving our patients and each other, i’move strives to be on the cutting edge of physical therapy interventions. On one hand, we learn and implement the latest care techniques, researching and investing in new equipment, to achieve the best outcomes for our patients. On the other hand, we focus on finding creative solutions to solve problems, which is more valuable than any fancy tool.


Our greatest strength is our highly experienced and educated staff. We carefully select clinicians who share our passion for excellence, our values, and a drive for continuous education. We also value humility in our staff as we all realize we have a lot to learn. One of the qualities that makes our clinicians great is their ability to teach. We strive to educate patients about their conditions as we work toward prevention, and we continue to sharpen our colleagues by sharing what we have learned.

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