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More than a Resolution: Starting a Fitness Routine

We’re all for fitness at i’move. We work to maintain healthy joints and muscular structures for that very reason: so our patients can run or walk as they please for years to come.

Around this time of year, many of us resolve to improve our personal fitness. Making strides to work out is honorable, yet many struggle to maintain said goals over the weeks. Come February or March, how can we make sure our resolutions stick? Choosing the right route to fitness can help ensure you stay on the right path.

Is it Manageable?
The best way to meet your goals is to turn them into the teeny, tiniest of baby steps so you do not feel overwhelmed.

If you’re looking to shake things up: try not to base your fitness around a number. Something along the lines of “I want to lose X pounds” or “I want to deadlift X” is still doable, but in other cases, it can be restricting. Just because the scale says X doesn’t mean you don’t look and feel amazing, and not being able to run two miles does not determine your success as a runner. To create manageable goals, it’s best to focus on your efforts before the results. Aim for “I will go to the gym” or “I will run” on a regular basis for the first month or so, and worry about the distance and intensity once you’ve gotten into the groove.

In addition to breaking down your goals, getting a partner involved with your physical activity will help keep you on track. If you need assistance, i’move offers group training in addition to access to a personal trainer. Having not just a friend, but a whole group to support and motivate you can be the key to maintaining your new routine.

Join A Class
The first trip to a gym or fitness center can be overwhelming. Everyone around you already seems to know what they’re doing while you’re still trying to understand how all the machines work. It takes time to settle in, but remember that a gym membership isn’t your only fitness option. Joining a fitness class, whether it’s dance or an i’move adult fitness class, offers the needed support and guidance on how to keep moving. To match every kind of fitness community, i’move created five different classes for a variety of goals, ages, and skill sets: 

  • Renew: this class focuses on stability and flexibility with low-intensity movement. If you are looking to increase fitness without fear of injury, this is the one for you.
  • Move: a low-to-medium workout to help you maintain mobility and build strength and flexibility.
  • Excel: a medium-to-high workout to build muscle and keep your body at its best.
  • Lift: for our weight-trainers, this customizable full-body workout gives you access to the benefits of weight training according to your experience and ability.
  • Shred: for the high-level, athletic type, Shred is based on building muscle tone and increasing metabolism for a healthier body.

Finding a routine you’re passionate about will help you reach your goals. Combining your fitness routine with proper nutrition can set you up for healthy living for a lifetime. For more on our fitness classes, ask Noel about a free two-week trial. And for those interested in nutrition, contact us about our nutrition program.

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