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I'move Physical Therapy Benefits

Physical Therapy Lowers the Risk of Reinjury

When you’ve gotten back to peak health, the last thing you want looming overhead is the idea of reinjury. Most people don’t want to think about another injury right out of recovery, but the statistics are alarming. For young athletes, for example, the risk of reinjury for a torn ACL is between 20 and 40 percent.

In order to fight off another injury, physical therapy can keep you in peak shape without blowing out a recently-healed knee. You’ll not only learn how to bounce back safely, but you’ll also learn proper form and how to maintain strength and flexibility – all things that help prevent an injury from occurring again.

Receive Intervention
The best time to treat an injury is directly after the accident or surgery. Physical therapy is the intervention needed to make sure your body heals the way it’s supposed to. Not following well-established protocols and best practices for healing can lead to many complications, which can create or further agitate pain and increase stress on joints and muscles throughout the body. Physical therapy creates an environment that allows your body to heal naturally, to stay healed for many years to come.

Remember Proper Form
Over the years, a funny way of crossing your legs, taking a stride or throwing a ball may have a major impact on your body. Quirks like these can unknowingly lead to reinjury if left untreated. A physical therapist can detect and treat unhealthy habits as you heal, setting you on the right path to a healthy future.

Build Healthy Habits
Recovery doesn’t stop after treatment. Continuing the exercises and techniques you learn during physical therapy helps you stick with the healthy habits you need in order to lower the risk of reinjury. Keeping up with what you learn at i’move a few times a week helps ensure your body stays strong.

i’move wants to give you a lifetime of health and wellbeing. Keep your body in great shape well after recovery and prevent injuries from happening again. Schedule an appointment with us or read about the benefits of physical therapy at i’move.

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