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Quiz: Which FIT Class is Right for You?

When you start a new workout, you’ll want to customize your fitness routine. i’move offers four separate programs for all skillsets multiple times a day so you can truly find something that works with your needs and schedule. Take our quiz below to learn which FIT class is up your alley.

Note: we know our workout schedule has shifted this year, and it may change in the future. That being said, welcome to the November 2020 edition of “Which FIT Class is Right for You?”

Question 1: How Often Do You Exercise?

  1. Regularly, but I need a new challenge
  2. A couple of times a week
  3. It’s been a while
  4. I have joint pain, so not as often as I’d like

Question 2: Which Activity Sounds The Most Interesting?

  1. Working with ropes, workout balls, and other exercise equipment
  2. Weight lifting
  3. Exercising with light equipment
  4. Gentle, slow movements and stretches

Question 3: What Are Your Exercise Goals?

  1. To push myself
  2. Build up/maintain muscle strength
  3. Keep moving and stay fit
  4. Maintain mobility

Question 4: What Prevents You From Working Out?

  1. Needing a push to go farther
  2. Lack of strength-training equipment
  3. Ideas/move to work out effectively
  4. Pain or mobility issues

Question 5: What Kind of Workout Are You Looking For?

  1. Moderate/Intense full-body workout
  2. Moderate/Intense strength-building workout
  3. Moderate/Light full-body workout
  4. Moderate/Light stretches for balance and mobility


Mostly A’s
If you selected mostly A, then take a look at our Excel Class. This high-intensity full-body workout pushes you to feel your best with strength, power, and endurance training to go farther.

Mostly B’s
If you selected mostly B, then take a look at our Lift Class. Lift is a moderate-to-high intensity class that primarily focuses on weight-training to build strength based on your experience and ability.

Mostly C’s
If you selected mostly C, try our Move Class. While still incorporating a full-body workout, the Move Class is a low-to-moderate intensity class that builds strength and endurance.

Mostly D’s
If you selected mostly D, try our Renew Class. Renew is a low-intensity class that uses gentle stretches to activate and maintain muscles for those building strength and balance.

The best news of all? You don’t have to pick just one. A FIT membership at i’move gives you access to all classes as many times as you’d like. For more on each class, check out the videos on our Adult Fitness page. To sign up for a class, contact Derek at!

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