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Save on personal training and i’m FIT memberships!

These deals only come once a year! NOW is the time to take the step to become the best YOU!

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New Member Special: Sign up now for a 3-month membership to start the new year and pay no membership dues until January 2023! We’ll add on the month of December FREE!
*Credit card required at time of sign up.

i’m FIT offers:

  • Four unique adult fitness classes
  • Full-body workouts that vary in intensity
  • Small class sizes
  • Experienced, certified trainers
  • All memberships include unlimited access; participate in as many classes as many times per week as you want

3-month membership is $99 per month and will run from January – March


20 Session Package Deals:
• 30 minute sessions
$499 (save $109)
• 45 minute sessions
$699 (save $141)
• 60 minute sessions
$999 (save $177)

Questions? Contact Derek at 616.612.3625 or

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