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Brooke Meinema, PT,DPT, FAFS, PCES

im encouraging

Physical Therapist, Director of Pelvic Health

Brooke graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Science and Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She has since completed a fellowship training program in Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute in 2016, which has increased her knowledge and skill set on how to treat the body from head to toe.

Brooke is the Director of Pelvic Health at i’move working with both female and male pelvic floor dysfunctions. Her goal is to help her patients recover from whatever they feel is holding them back and feel empowered along the way. Whether it be pelvic pain or dysfunction, prolapse, pregnancy/postpartum issues, urinary leaking, or urgency, she wants to encourage everyone to understand their bodies and promote healing and awareness.

Outside of work, Brooke enjoys playing with her 2 children and dog, running with her family, weightlifting, reading a good book, and dancing to all kinds of music. Most importantly, Brooke loves to laugh, so if you hear a good joke be sure to tell it to her.

Brooke views herself as an encouraging person, which is why the back of her business card reads i’m encouraging. She will encourage you both mentally and physically to help you get back to moving and doing what you love.

You can reach Brooke at

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