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Gina Houtteman, PT, MSPT, physical therapist, pt, michigan

Gina Houtteman, PT, MSPT

im coaching

Physical Therapist, Whitehall Clinic Director

Gina is proud to be a Hope College Flying Dutchman and a GVSU Laker for a Lifetime. Gina earned her bachelor’s degree from Hope College and her Master’s in Physical Therapy from GVSU. Twenty years of practicing physical therapy have taught Gina much about the human spirit, how small changes make a large difference, how a little motivation leads to a lot of dedication and how recovering from an injury can have elements of fun. Gina has worked with many different clients, from the very young two week old to the mature non traditional athlete.

Gina is currently studying the role physical therapists play in the science of Lifestyle Medicine; how the lifestyle decisions we make every day effect our ability to prevent and treat chronic conditions. In her spare time, Gina enjoys playing outside in the water and on the sand, cross country skiing, snow shoeing and taking walks with her family.

On the back of her business card it reads, “i’m coaching.” She explains, “I’m coaching clients through their current challenge as well as what’s next. Clients use what they have learned to be successful during the next challenge they encounter.”

You can reach Gina at

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