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Kara Fahlen, physical therapist, i'move Cove St., Spring Lake, Michigan, Women's Health Specialist

Kara Fahlen, PT, DPT, FAFS

im cultivating

Physical Therapist, Women’s Health Specialist
i’move-true. Women’s Health

Kara is a Rockford native and a graduate of Rockford High School. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Exercise Science from Taylor University, and completed her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Grand Valley State University. She also completed the Fellowship in Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute.

Kara is a women’s health physical therapist, providing care to women of all ages with issues of urinary leakage/urgency, bowel dysfunction, pregnancy and postpartum pain and return to activity. Kara is passionate about educating and equipping clients to fully understand their unique situations to promote healing and restoration.

Beyond physical therapy, her personal interests include backpacking, exploring national parks, reading, skiing, and swimming. She resides in Grand Rapids with her husband Tucker and their daughter.

The back of her business cards reads “i’m cultivating” because she “desires to cultivate a passion within her clients to move well and live abundantly.”

You can reach Kara at

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