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Lindsey Fox, PT, DPT

im present

Physical Therapist


Lindsey grew up in Grand Rapids, MI, where her love of running began. She competed in both cross country and track and continued her athletic journey at Calvin University until a foot injury prevented her from further competition. Despite seeking various treatments and rehabilitation, Lindsey’s pain became chronic. This setback ignited her fascination with physical therapy, directing her toward pain research and education.

Lindsey pursued her physical therapy education at the University of Michigan, Flint, where she actively participated in pain beliefs research. During this time, she gained valuable insights into the stark contrast between current research findings and how modern healthcare approaches pain. This newfound understanding inspired Lindsey to seek additional training utilizing an integrated, psychologically informed approach.

When Lindsey isn’t immersed in research or listening to podcasts, you can find her cycling, hiking, and strength training – especially powerlifting.

The back of Lindsey’s business card reads, “i’m present,” reflecting her mission to be in the moment with each of her patients, thinking critically about their situation and shaping treatments to their specific needs and values.

You can reach Lindsey at

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