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The Benefits of One-on-One Personal Training

A personal trainer is someone who is knowledgeable about fitness and has the ability to effectively coach clients through workouts. Oftentimes, trainers will have an educational background from a university in a health-related field or have completed a variety of available certifications. But, with exercise videos all over the internet for free, why would you spend your money on a personal trainer? Here are the top 5 reasons.

1. A personal trainer will assess your movement patterns and create an exercise program that is designed for you. He or she will work with you to strengthen weaknesses which may have caused pain or discomfort in the past. Not every exercise is good for every person. A personal trainer will make sure you are doing the exercises that will get you the best results.

2. A personal trainer will work with you to set specific measurable goals that are important to you. Some people want six pack abs and bulging biceps while others want to be able to run and play with their kids. Each scenario requires a specific plan. A personal trainer will measure and track your progress to make sure you’re making progress towards your goal.

3. A personal trainer will help keep you safe while you exercise. Often, injuries can occur due to using equipment incorrectly, trying to use too much weight, or choosing an exercise that is not correct for your ability level. A personal trainer will monitor your workouts and teach you proper form to lower your risk of injury.

4. A personal trainer can provide motivation and accountability. Many people struggle to challenge themselves appropriately or stick with a current plan. Take a look at how many people give up New Year’s resolutions in the month of January! A personal trainer can motivate you in an appropriate and professional way to keep you going when you want to stop.

5. A personal trainer can often work around your busy schedule to make sure you still get in your workouts. Group fitness classes are often on a rigid schedule that may not fit with your life.

Hiring a personal trainer is an investment in yourself. What is your health and future worth? If you have struggled with not getting the results you want, hurt yourself exercising, or simply do not know where to start, a personal trainer may be perfect for you.

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