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The Importance of Cross-Training

Cross-training is a term that most people have heard of, but not everyone understands what it means or why it’s important. When someone (young, old, athlete or non-athlete) engages in multiple sports, types of exercise, or workout plans it is referred to as cross-training. Some may think they don’t need to cross-train because they are not athletes. However, research suggests there are many benefits to cross-training, from reduced boredom in workouts to increased sport performance and much more. Check out three main reasons why you should cross-train!

One of the greatest benefits to cross-training is improved body function. As you incorporate a combination of cardiovascular, resistance, stretch and stability-based exercises into your routine your body is stimulated in a variety of ways that often more closely mimic activities of daily life. Because of this variety of stimuli, your body is much more prepared for whatever life may throw at it. For instance, weight-training may allow you to pick up and move heavier objects at work or home, stretching more will give you the flexibility to reach something out of the top cupboard or bend down to pick up something off of the ground, and cardiovascular training may help you keep up with the kids for longer or enjoy vacations that require more physical activity!

Another benefit to cross-training is reduced risk of injury. Again, as you vary exercise your body is forced to adapt under multiple situations and in many different environments. This more well-rounded training teaches your body how to respond in each unique circumstance appropriately by utilizing components of strength, stability and flexibility to keep you safe both at home and during exercise or sports!

Lastly, cross-training allows for variety in your exercise routine. It helps ward off boredom by keeping you mentally and physically involved in workouts for much longer. Arguably, this may lead to more intense/longer workouts and better adherence to a long-term program—ultimately leading to a healthier you!

Cross-training has many benefits including, but not limited to, increased body function, reduced risk of injury, and improved adherence to long-term workouts. What’s holding you back from incorporating variety in your workouts? Have questions? We can help!

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