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Toilet Paper Drive for White Lake Area Food Pantry

When Gina heard there was a need for toilet paper at the White Lake Area Food Pantry, she grabbed Mel and they jumped into action. Since it was the Holiday Season, they came up with the idea to “fill a tree” with toilet paper. The pair went to work making a Christmas tree out of garland on a wall in their clinic, i’move Whitehall, and of course decorating it with i’move socks.

Gina and Mel’s idea to fill a tree was simple, but it proved to be effective and fun. Thanks to the generosity of the community, they collected 550 rolls of toilet paper for White Lake Area Food Pantry a whole week ahead of schedule!

Many of us may underestimate the importance of having access to essential items like toilet paper, but for those who rely on food pantries and similar organizations, it can mean the difference between making ends meet or going without. In times of crisis, these organizations are often stretched thin and need the support of the community to keep providing for those in need.

Gina and Mel’s fundraiser was a great example of how simple acts of kindness can make a meaningful and lasting impact. This was a refreshing reminder of the good that can come from people coming together to support one another and that we all can make a difference in our communities, no matter how small the action may seem.

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