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Treating the Source, Not the Symptoms of Pain

Often, the pain in your knee has nothing to do with your knee, and everything to do with your ankle or hip. Understanding the cause of an issue, not just the symptoms, offers more long-term solutions to your pain. i’move physical therapy treats joint pain at its roots, building you a healthier body that will last for many years to come.

Don’t Mask the Issue
You may be familiar with the term “putting a bandaid” over the problem. This would be like only treating a sore ankle, instead of the whole leg. To mask a problem will only cause it to flare up later, and be harder to treat down the road. The earlier you go to treat an issue, the less of a hassle it will be. There’s no shame in talking to your doctor about the joint or back pain in your life during a routine checkup. They’ll know when it’s time to refer you to a physical therapist.

Locate the Source
Remember, just because you feel pain in your lower back doesn’t mean the problem starts there. In order to locate the true issue, you need to consult with a physical therapist. Your body is unique, and you can only receive a proper diagnosis with an analysis from a licensed professional. Knowing the source of your pain is the first and most important step in treatment.

Treatment for the source of your pain may involve re-learning basic movements such as how to throw, walk, run, or even sit. It can be difficult to build new habits after years of moving a particular way. That’s why a physical therapist develops exercises specific to you. Proper guidance helps reshape your form and create the right patterns for a pain-free life.

Get to the source of your pain and squash it. i’move can help you recover sooner by treating the root of the problem. Schedule an appointment with us or read about the benefits of physical therapy at i’move.

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