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Welcome to Women’s Health Month

Happy May, and welcome to Women’s Health month! While we as women should be focusing on our own health and wellness year-round, it is nice to have a designated month for us to reassess our current state and future needs. We understand our health can be impacted by things beyond our control such as our genetics and family history, but there are still many areas of our health we are able to impact! Focusing on our mental and physical well-being, sleeping habits, diet, and fitness are all good places to start.

The world today loves to promote “self-care” as a goal, but what does that really mean for you? For some this may involve focusing on our nutrition, starting a new exercise routine, or seeking help for an underlying condition we have been struggling with but haven’t had the time to manage. The ladies on the i’move Women’s Health team are here to listen to your story, your history, your goals, and, ultimately, help you along your journey!

This month, I challenge you to spend some time focusing on what your body is asking of you. What are your big goals for focusing on your health and wellness this month? How can we help?

Visit us at to learn more about our services or contact us to schedule a free one on one consultation with a Women’s Health physical therapist.

We hope to see you soon,

The i’move Women’s Health Team



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