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What It Means to Work at i’move

It is our hope that every person who walks into i’move can make a positive connection with our team from the moment they step through the door. That’s why from the very beginning, we chose staff members who can connect with others. Beyond superb qualifications, we look for those who care about a job well done and have fun while doing it.

Just who are these amazing physical therapists, patient care coordinators and athletic trainers? From the words of our own staff members, learn what it truly means to work at i’move.

A Positive Environment
“Working at i’move is inspiring! The environment and people I work with are very positive and innovative. We are constantly pushing forward to better ourselves so we can better others. That’s why it’s easy to come to work each day, as we work together to bring greatness to our community.”

Samantha van der Lende – Performance Specialist


Reconnect People to the Things They Love

“Working at i’move means walking alongside people on their journey out of pain and into fitness and health. It is a joy to reconnect people with the things in their lives that bring purpose and meaning: their ‘why.’”

Brian Bradford – Physical Therapist


They Make Me Laugh
“I love working at i’move. It means working with a group of people that make me a better clinician and make me laugh and have faith in the good of the world. It also means having yummy snacks in the break room when I need a pick-me-up. And when that doesn’t work, it would be the way we can spontaneously break out in dance.

And seriously… maybe the current best and rarest thing about i’move is that we are a locally-owned company whose main goal is to serve our community with one-on-one patient care and connection.”

Jen McCann-Bauer – Physical Therapist


Bring a Little Fun and Sunshine
“Working at i’move means I get to be part of a talented, smart group of people dedicated to helping patients live a healthier lifestyle and be better. I love being able to solve problems and make the lives of our patients and FIT clients a little easier. Most importantly, we get to bring a little fun and sunshine to the days of each person who comes to our clinic.”

Audra Troccko – Director of Business Operations


Watching Patients Brings Joy
“There is no price to put on having the confidence that people showing up every day in pain will find relief when they leave our clinic. If there are complications for a patient, to know their questions will be answered or they will be advised where to go to get the proper testing for answers is rewarding. Watching the transformation of patients brings me joy to know that I get to be a small part of people’s healing.”

Peggy Fennema – Patient Care Coordinator, Holland


The Perfect Atmosphere to Grow
“Before working with i’move I heard it described as PT wonderland. After joining the team, I can see why. It’s the perfect atmosphere to grow as a clinician and put the focus where it needs to be, to our patients and community.”

Tony Schuster – PT DPT


A Dream Job
“Prior to moving to Grand Haven two years ago, I told my wife that I would not move to Grand Haven unless I could work at imove physical therapy. The stars aligned and I was offered a job, and it has not disappointed! The caliber of providers, quality of care, and ethical standards that imove upholds makes it a dream job for any physical therapist. I am so proud to be a part of this team!

Bill Seiler – PT, DPT


One Talented Group
“Having 35 years of experience, i’move has the most talented group of clinicians I have ever worked with. Compassionate, caring, and always striving to learn to better help our patients and clients. Our ability to treat the whole person with the combination of manual therapy with functional rehab is unmatched by any other provider.”

Mike Braid MSEd, ATC, FAFS – Director of Athletic Training


A massive thank you to Peggy, Jen, Audra, Mike, Tony, Bill, Samantha, and Brian for taking the time to talk about why they love what they do. Relationships matter. And at our practice, we hope patients feel just as good emotionally as they do physically.

Meet the full staff to learn more about these talented, inspiring people. For more on what we do, learn about our practice and personal take on physical therapy.

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