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Physical Therapy. Have you had it yet? Was it excellent?

“Did you have Physical Therapy yet?”

Physicians often ask patients if they had physical therapy (PT) for their problem. Years ago PT was considered a commodity, it didn’t matter where or how you had your PT it just was PT. Contemporary PT has changed. Physical therapy schools are better and more competitive, post-graduate training has exploded. Residency and Fellowship programs are flourishing. Like any profession, all PT’s aren’t equal. The healthcare consumer can no longer ask themselves, “Did I try PT”, but “Did I have excellent PT.” The PT’s at i’move are excellent. They work at i’move because they want more from their careers, they want to push themselves to greatness and they want the same from their clients.

How do we achieve this elevated level of care?

First, it starts with the whole person. We acknowledge the connection of the mind, the body and the spirit. We know the ankle bone is connected to the shoulder bone. Just because your shoulder is bothering you doesn’t mean that you have a “bad shoulder.” The shoulder blade sits on the rib cage, the posture of the rib cage is changed by the movements of the head and the legs. It all matters! The human body cannot be divided into segregated regions; we are whole beings with a series of interconnected parts and systems. Movement of one body part nearly always activates physical and mental chain reactions throughout the whole system. Physical therapists and doctors are often guilty of zooming in too closely on where it hurts; at i’move this will not happen.

Secondly, excellence is achieved through advanced training. All PT’s graduated from PT school, which is a pre-requisite for licensure. The most important differentiating factor is what the PT did after graduation. Our PT staff is loaded with years of experience, advanced certifications, doctoral degrees and fellowship trained manual and movement therapists. It truthfully is not the exact certificate or credential that matters most but the provider’s mindset toward professional development and career growth. At i’move we have worked hard to create a positive, productive and professional environment that feels great for both our team members and our clients. We know that if our employees are not happy and healthy we cannot achieve those same results with our clients. If you have not experienced the i’move difference, I highly encourage you to give us a try. We are different and you will notice it from the minute you walk in the door.

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