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Programs that Make Us Unique

In addition to our one-on-one physical therapy, there are many ways to maintain your health in conjunction with or after treatment. i’move programs like our adult fitness FIT program or Worksite Program allow people of all ages to continue improving their health. Take a look at some of our wellness programs that help patients thrive.

Cardio & strength training are not one-size-fits-all. To properly address the needs and goals of children to adults, we have developed several fitness programs to accommodate all levels of mobility. Athletic children & teens can participate in our custom training program under the guidance of a personal trainer. Due to COVID, exercises are performed 12 feet apart from one another and proper sanitation is always maintained.

Adults can choose from both high-intensity and low-intensity classes available throughout the week. A single FIT membership gives you unlimited access to all available classes, so you can attend as many classes as you want as many times a week as you’d like.

Women’s Health
Women are anatomically and physiologically unique and deserve individualized care. Our all-women women’s health specialists use their years of practice to create unique treatment plans for women. From the changes that come with pregnancy/postpartum to managing endometriosis and rebuilding a strong pelvic floor, i’move offers patient-centered care from one woman to another.

Worksite Program
From manufacturing floors to construction sites to more sedentary work environments, there are many different health risks for employees. A 7 question i’move survey can identify employee risks and create onsite, ongoing preventative activities to prevent injury down the road and save workers and their employees 25-50% savings in medical costs. Working together with Solve Global MSD Health Solutions, we can improve employee health, talent retention, and the morale of your team.

Like mobility, what we eat is also a vital part of our overall wellness. Quick-fix diets rarely make a real difference, but changes for the long term are possible. Our nutritional counseling program in conjunction with Precision Nutrition helps participants build healthy eating habits for life with the help of a personal coach and online program. We are what we eat, and the right fuel can keep us moving pain-free for many years to come.

And More!
Health and wellness are made up of many factors. We offer consultations or screenings for overall wellness as well as specific pain issues. To find what’s right for you or to learn more about any of the programs mentioned, give us a call at 616.847.1280. From treating chronic pain to improving everyday life, we are here to help you keep moving.

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