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Adult Fitness Classes at i’move: 5 classes 25 times per week.

Join the Adult Fitness Classes at i’move

The flagship i’move location in Spring Lake sits along Highway 31 – a well populated four-lane road that snakes along much of the West Michigan coast. Many of these folks pass by completely unaware of our adult fitness classes that we call i’move Fit (

5 Unique Classes, 25 Times a Week

The fact is that right here at the Spring Lake Cove location we have 5 unique adult fitness classes offered 25 times throughout the week. Each class is a full-body workout led by a certified trainer and d is led by a certified trainer,


This is our most popular class. It’s a moderate to high intensity class that will challenge you to be in your best shape. Using simple equipment and your body weight, you will blend strength and cardio exercise for a fun, high energy workout that will transform your body.


This short, intense full-body workout challenges both your strength and endurance. This workout burns the maximum number of calories by using exercises that challenge the entire body, keeping your heart rate up the entire time. You’ll be kept on your toes with lots of variations and movements within the class routines.


This class is a low to moderate intensity total body workout. You will gain the strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance to feel great in your body.


Are you looking for a gentle way to get back into exercise? Do you want to feel more flexible? This low intensity class will do just that!RENEW  is low-impact and designed to give you the flexibility where you need it most.


This is a high intensity, fast paced, and safe total body workout specifically designed to rev up your metabolism and tone your body. If you are looking for a high energy and challenging class that will give you strength, endurance, and build lean muscle, this is it.

We’ve designed our classes to work with whatever level of intensity you’d like. Together we can help you gain strength, recover from injury, lose weight, improve your balance, and just be healthier.

Many people would be surprised to learn what goes on here every day (well, nearly every day). Here’s a first-hand, inside look:

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