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Okay, so what is an pain assessment anyway?

So something has been hurting lately – your back, neck, knees or what have you. You haven’t been able to exercise, shovel the snow or just simply get through your day without pain that limits you. Even if the pain doesn’t limit your activity, it still may be frustrating. What can you do about? Come to i’move for a pain assessment.

Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers are highly trained to evaluate your musculoskeletal aches and pains. A pain assessment is brief evaluation that helps identity the source of your problem and provides treatment recommendations. At i’move we won’t just tell you it is tendonitis, a disc problem or your meniscus…we will examine you to determine what movement dysfunction is causing or contributing to the problem. Knee pain is often due to a stiffness or weakness in the hips or ankles. Neck pain can be related to your posture or a shoulder problem. The source of your pain is rarely due to local problems alone. Even when you do have arthritis in a joint or a torn meniscus there are usually ways to improve your movement pattern, increase function and decrease pain.

We take pride in looking at the whole person and never putting on blinders just to examine a single body region. This whole person approach is a major component of why i’move has been able to develop such a strong and positive reputation in West Michigan. A pain assessment is a great way to experience the i’move difference.

When you call by January 31, 2017 to schedule a pain assessment we’ll offer it to you free.

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