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Introducing the Women’s Health Program

The women who make up the Women’s Health team at i’move are passionate about helping women recognize the strength they possess. The specific needs required to address the uniqueness of the female body can require a different set of skills, which is why this team is working in the specialty area of pelvic floor rehab.

The pelvic floor is commonly overlooked and misunderstood, and our women’s health specialists are looking to break the stigma surrounding this to get the women in our communities the care they need. Our goal is to empower other women in the West Michigan area to embrace their bodies and help them along their journey. 

What We Do
The ladies on the Women’s Health team are trained to address the many unique needs women may be facing. Whether your symptoms are from pregnancy/postpartum, leaking, prolapse, pain, or a variety of other conditions, we will help you develop a plan specific to your goals and comfort level.

There are a variety of treatments that our team performs, including breath work, manual therapy, full body movement screenings, return to fitness/training programs, and also internal pelvic floor therapy if needed. While internal evaluations and treatments are available and sometimes encouraged, there is never a point when a patient is expected to undergo any treatment or assessment in our session beyond what they are comfortable with. We want our patients to understand they are in control with their comfort being our priority.

We are flexible and understanding with the sensitivity of the work we are doing. Our therapists are trained to address the specific needs of patients in a personalized and professional manner by providing a safe, judgement-free zone for women of all backgrounds. 

How We Can Help
Women deserve to live their lives without fear of pain, leaking, and embarrassment; that’s where we come in. We understand everyone is different and so are their bodies. Each session is individualized to help you with your specific needs. We want to assist you in finding answers to restore your confidence and freedom. If you are struggling with any issues, we want to encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of our women’s health specialists.

We offer a free, 10 minute one-on-one consultation with a pelvic floor therapist prior to scheduling any appointments, if desired. An initial evaluation can help determine the root cause of your issues and develop your personalized treatment plan.

You are strong. You are worth it. You can do this. We can help.

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