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Defy Gravity with AlterG

Originally created for astronauts, the AlterG allows patients of any age or fitness level to underweight themselves to walk or run at a lower percentage of their body weight and with decreased impact. The AlterG technology combines Differential Air Pressure technology, a precise air calibration system that is based on the user’s body weight, with real-time gait analysis and video feedback.

Why AlterG?
The AlterG reduces pain and pressure on rehab patients while they are recovering from injuries. It also allows for early mobility in post-surgical rehab. For healthy athletes, the AlterG can allow them to train at a higher speed or distance without the risk of injury.

With AlterG, physical therapy can be more impactful.

Patient benefits:
Empowers patients to move freely
Protects healing tissue and joints by putting little to no pressure on them
Improves walking mechanics in a safe environment; no risk of falling
Corrects gait patterns
Improves range of motion

AlterG Packages
You don’t have to be a patient to benefit from the AlterG. Packages are available to purchase for use on your own. Appointments are required to use this service.

Single 30-minute session: $25

10 30-minute sessions: $200.
Buy 8 sessions, get 2 free! Patients are encouraged to purchase their own pair of shorts.

12 30-minute sessions: $300
Includes AlterG shorts that are yours to keep.


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