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The entire i’move team had the opportunity to serve with Hand2Hand. Hand2Hand delivers nutritious food to more than 8,000 students in 40 school districts over the weekends and on extended school breaks. The i’move team filled 1,500 breakfast packs!

hand2hand, community, reduced lunch program, west michigan, stop hunger, grassroots movement, food drive


Over 105,000 kids in West Michigan receive free and reduced lunch at school five days a week. This does not include the weekends or extended school breaks!

That’s roughly 1,346 school buses filled with kids being dropped off at home each weekend who are at real risk of having little to no food for 68 hours!

Hand2Hand exists to eliminate that 68-hour gap so every kid has an opportunity to thrive.

Hand2Hand does that by mobilizing schools, churches, businesses, foundations, and individuals to provide a backpack of nutritious food over the weekend and extended school breaks.

Beyond physical nutrition, this food provides hope for students who are experiencing hunger.

Currently, Hand2Hand is serving 9,100 students in 265 schools, ages 3-18, in 42 school districts in West Michigan.

Join volunteers across West Michigan who drive the Hand2Hand grassroots movement to eliminate child hunger because a hungry child hurts.

To learn more about Hand2Hand visit


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