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I'move Paitent Using The BFR Machine

Everything about our BFR Machine

One of the most common sources of joint pain is our muscles’ inability to provide support. After age 30, most people lose around 3% to 5% of our muscle mass per decade. This is why strength training is important to…

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I'move Fitness Instructor Teaching A Class

5 Habits for Healthy Healing

Physical therapy is the ultimate factor regarding your recovery. Treating the source of your pain with a trained professional keeps your body safe, healthy, and protected from reinjury. Of course, a patient’s lifestyle plays a crucial role in recovery too.…

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I'move Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy: Hands-on Healing

For physical therapists, practicing physical therapy is not a spectator sport. If you find your physical therapist observing your exercises from a distance with the occasional thumb’s up, you’re not in the right place. Manual therapy is the language of…

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Holiday Fitness

Fitting Fitness in Over the Holidays

We all know that the holidays are a whirlwind of parties, traveling and out of town guests. This can often lead to a slip in your healthy habits surrounding diet and exercise. After all, in between the hustle and bustle…

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Holiday Nutrition Tips

Holiday Nutrition Tips to Keep You On Track

With the holidays quickly approaching, we all tend to wonder “how can I possibly make it through this season and stay healthy?” Typically, the holiday season is one where our health habits are thrown out the window. We fall prey…

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