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Quiz: Which FIT Class Is Right For You, Fitness, Fitness Classes, Exercise, I'm Fit, Move, Stretch, Physical Therapists Near Me, Physical Therapy, Pt, I'move, Imove, Michigan

Quiz: Which FIT Class is Right for You?

When you start a new workout, you’ll want to customize your fitness routine. i’move offers four separate programs for all skillsets multiple times a day so you can truly find something that works with your needs and schedule. Take our…

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I'move FIT Class

Why Join a FIT Class Now?

That weekly outdoor jog is looking less and less appealing now that it's getting colder. With winter coming we need safe and effective fitness programs to stay strong through 2020 and beyond. You can stay active, fit, and healthy despite…

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Self Care Isn't Selfish, 4 Little Things With A Big Impact On Health, Fitness Classes, Fitness, Nutrition, Exercise, Pain Assessment, I'm Fit, Physical Therapists Near Me, Physical Therapy, Pt, I'move, Imove, Michigan

4 Little Things with a Big Impact on Health

We cannot measure health on a single spectrum or sliding scale. To get a better understanding of a patient’s health, we have to piece it together like a puzzle. A patient may put effort into personal nutrition, but struggle to…

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I'move Fitness Instructor Teaching A Class, 5 Habits For Healthy Living, Healthy Living, Nutrition, Exercise, Wellness Solutions, Fitness Classes, Pain Assessment, Home Exercise Program, HEP, Stretching, Self Care, Physical Therapists Near Me, Physical Therapy, Pt, Imove, I'move, Michigan

5 Habits for Healthy Healing

Physical therapy is the ultimate factor regarding your recovery. Treating the source of your pain with a trained professional keeps your body safe, healthy, and protected from reinjury. Of course, a patient’s lifestyle plays a crucial role in recovery too.…

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